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All Lesbians Should Love Opera

I was thinking recently about something rather epic, and I think the entire lesbian internet world will thank me after I introduce this to them:


Maybe you ladies don’t realize it, but opera’s just about the gayest thing on the planet. In opera, you sing about your feeeeeelings for long periods of time using super visceral things like COLOR and DRAMATIC INTENT and SOUND to create this whole other world where nothing completely makes sense, but still makes you cry most of the time. You just can’t help yourself. You get overwhelmed. Let me give you an example of why you will want to go to the opera immediately after reading my post:


This is Cherubino from The Marriage of Figaro. Cherubino has a problem: he loves all women in the world, he doesn’t know what to do with himself, and they make him quiver. And in his next aria ‘Voi che sapete,’ he sings, “You ladies, who know what love is, see if I have it in my heart! I’ll tell you what I’m going through, it’s new to me; I can’t understand it.” You know what this makes me think of? All of the gay feelings that I have had/do have/will ever have. Also, there’s a cute girl in a suit singing this.


Remember in high school when you first read Romeo and Juliet and you realized that you didn’t want to BE Juliet, but you wanted to FUCK Juliet? Somehow Bellini realized that lesbians needed a Romeo and Juliet for themselves, and created this. not only does it fulfill your fantasies, but it’s Bellini, which means that it is some of the most gorgeous music that you will ever hear.

The greatest part, is that it is COMMON for women to play men in operas. It happens so often, they have a term for it: pants roles! Also called breeches roles! Hehehe. Women get to play boys/young men, and kiss women on stage sometimes. This is mainly a mezzo-soprano (middle) voice type occurrence, but happens occasionally with sopranos as well.

If you are a lady-lover, here are some operas you should watch immediately, and the pants roles in them:

  • La nozze di Figaro by W.A. Mozart: Cherubino
  • Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss: Octavian
  • Orfeo ed Euridice by Willibald Gluck: Orpheus
  • I Capuleti e i Montecchi by Vincenzo Bellini: Romeo
  • Faust by Charles Gounod: Siebel
  • La Clemenza di Tito by W.A. Mozart: Sesto and Annio
  • Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss II: Prince Orlafsky

And there are so many others. You can even look it up in Wikipedia. Because I really love opera, I will probably post about this more than once. And please ask me anything about opera. ANYTHING. Please ask me questions about what/who/how to watch! Please send me awesome links for opera videos.


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