A very-merry weekend

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I had a great weekend guys.

1st story:

I was waiting for a bus, and on the corner I saw this girl I sort of recognized. We got on the bus and turned around and started gabbing at her:

“You look familiar. Do I know you?”
“You do too. I think so.”
“I think we’re friends on Facebook.”
“I think so too.”
“Are you [insert name of super beautiful girl]?”

Funny thing, friends, is that I didn’t have to ask these questions. I knew that I knew her. I knew we were friends on Facebook. And I knew her full name. She looked like Natalie Portman and Regina Spektor’s baby, and I thought she was probably the most beautiful person I’d ever seen.

So anyway, we started talking more, and I got that feeling. You know, that feeling that you get when you realize that the person you’re talking to might be a gay lady, and that she might like you? This feeling has many components, but let me try my best to bullet them:
1. Gay eye contact
– The girl you’re talking to is looking at you. I mean, looking
at you. She doesn’t turn away too much, or get distracted.
She also might bite her lip or mimic your facial expression.
2. Awkwardness
– The charming kind. She says weird things that make you
laugh, and laughs at the weird things you say.
3. Friendliness
– She is friendly like a normal person, but because she’s
being friendly to you, it makes you feel really warm and

Like I said, it’s a vague feeling, and one that I’m mostly feeling myself, because I li-ike her.

2nd story:

So, I went to a friend’s birthday party, but the jungle juice was mostly Kool-aid, and the jello shots were mostly jello, so I decided to take a shot of tequila and head to our favorite club that has a gay night on Friday. Great, right? Should be easy to meet some cute lesbians and dance, right? That was a lie. Almost as much as the cake is a lie.


It didn’t matter much to me, because I really just wanted to dance, but at some point during the night I simply had the need to even find any lesbians in the club. Everyone was straight. By that, I mean that there were lots of groups of straight girls surrounded by many gay men, with the occasional straight creeper that thinks it’s hot when girls dance together. My gay male friends tried relentlessly to hook me up with any gay looking ladies, but alas, to no avail. Also, at some point two of my friends went off “for some reason,” another one started making out with a cute, well-dressed boy, and the last one left to find that one to get the key to the locker (?).

Then I was all alone, but surrounded by many gay men, and in close-ish proximity to probably one of the five lesbians in the club that night. I decided to just dance, because I didn’t care. Suddenly, this absolutely straight wanker comes up and tries to dance with me. I push him off, and he persists. Then the Angel of Gay Things decided to bless me, and a wild lesbian appeared who grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to her.

I felt safe. I kept dancing. Gradually her two friends moved away from us, and so I got closer. At this point I found out that she was CUTE! She had a little bowl cut, and black, thick-rimmed glasses, and she was pretty small (i.e., about my height). We danced, exchanged glasses, and then I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I went in to kiss her and DAMN she was a good kisser! I don’t know why I was surprised, but she was just so cute, you know?

We basically danced/made-out until the club closed, which has never happened to me before. And then what happened? I forgot to get her info. Not even a last name for Facebook. Lucky for me though, she magically found ME. Now we’re Facebook friends. She’s in library and information studies. Library Studies Student=Future Librarian.

Yay for a good weekend! Let’s do our best so the next one will be just as good!


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